Why Keep a Dog and do the Barking Yourself?

Ah, well….this blog will be very concise in picture content (sorry to disappoint, but only one photo is needed).  Interesting title, no?  This blog is compliments of my darling, dearest, sweetest husband who, it must be said, is one of the best musicians, conductors, teachers, I have ever met.  He is also my bestest of best friends, is incredibly intelligent, and having been his partner for 26 years I can honestly say I have never tired of him.  He makes me laugh regularly (very important, don’t you think?  Can you smell it coming, hear it maybe?)….oh yes, here it comes…. there is a ‘BUT’ coming.

BUT…two weeks ago, having cooked for an entire week non-stop,( except to Blog about food), I lifted myself from a very comfy chair to create some more ‘magic’ in the kitchen for our supper.  My beloved said to me, “Can I do anything to help?”  To which I responded (unusually by the way), “Yes please. If you wouldn’t mind making the salad.  Could you wash the salad leaves and a tomato for the salad?”  He said “Of course”, and off he went to the back kitchen (where we wash our vegetables) and I heard the tap running and I thought how brilliant, this will all be ready in no time at all, at all and I can get back into the chair with a nice glass of wine, or two.  ..feet up, etc.

Now, you see, he didn’t do anything wrong…..he just only did what was asked.  Here lies the difference between a man and a woman.  As a female, I would hear the first part, (“would you mind making the salad?”),and from there I would probably ridiculously ask, what bowl, how small, dressing?   David, however, heard  (“could you wash the salad leaves and a tomato for the salad?”)  Anyway, here’s what I got brought into me:


I have to admit it was one of those moments that made me howl with laughter (see above, he’s good at that).  He didn’t know what I was laughing about, until I pointed at the bowl.  Of course, his natural response was “Well, you didn’t ask me to SLICE it”!!


4 thoughts on “Why Keep a Dog and do the Barking Yourself?

  1. Jim

    This is brilliant!!! I see nothing wrong with picture except this is why I like to grow the smaller varieties of tomatoes like the currants or cherry. No slicing needed on those either! 🙂


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