Heuvos (Erica’s) con Gubbeen Chorizo, Knockdrinna Meadow Cheese,Patatas and Fajita Salsa- The Perfect Brunch or Supper

DSC_0330It’s Sunday….pajamas and dressing gown are donned for longer and the whole atmosphere is chill-out.  Then suddenly, from nowhere the hunger pangs set in, stronger than any other day of the week when breaking the fast happens with regular  accuracy.  More carbs are called for and one requires a feast, rather than just a little something to get their bodies going.  Especially when we’ve just lost an hour off our clocks.

It’s Fajita week this week, so I was lucky enough to have an extra pot in the fridge with no one’s name on it (Allelujia….not such a frequent occurence these days.  I know, I shouldn’t complain, but I am an advocate of my own solution(s), so do appreciate having the convenience of my own sauces to hand).  I also had some of Erica’s eggs…no she didn’t lay them herself, she’s not a hen, but a lovely woman and friend who supplies us weekly with wonderful, free-range eggs.  If you don’t keep hens yourself, make sure to find a good supplier or friend who does because no one on this planet should be eating eggs from battery hens.  They are awful and the hens are treated terribly.  If you’re buying free-range eggs from a shop, the price isn’t that different, and it’s worth it.  Also, in the fridge, I had some of Fingal Fergusson’s lovely fresh chorizo, which I bought in The Little Green Grocer while delivering on Friday, and I also had my favourite Knockdrinna Meadow Cheese in the cheesebox.  This sheep’s cheese goes so wonderfully well with chorizo, and even more so with Fingal’s.  I think the reason I’m so partial to Meadow cheese is somewhere in the magic of this cheese there lies a hint of West Cork.  I know it’s not from the milk, because the milk isn’t from there…..maybe it’s all in my imagination.  Doesn’t really matter, because it works ;-).

Because I left it so late to start cooking , I made a grated potato cake to accompany the eggs.  Usually I would just lightly scramble the eggs with the juices that emanate from the chorizo, and then wrap that in a warm tortilla (preferrably corn, which ,by the way, one can easily get in Ireland now by going online to www.mymexicanshop.ie ) , but it was nearly lunchtime, this was brunch and it required potatoes!!  I used to make these potatoes for some children who insisted on having chips in Danette’s Feast restaurant (as I didn’t do deep-fried anything), and they always thought these potatoes were nicer than chips.  I caved on the ketchup front, but that’s because I can have a weakness on that front myself. It’s simple to make, very tasty and has all the textural requirements to satisfy the ‘carb-fest’ mood! For two to 3 people: Peel 3 medium sized potatoes and grate them.  Squeeze out any excess starch.  Heat 3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (no it doesn’t mean it absolutely has never, ever had sex….just that it’s a first cold pressing), or Rapeseed oil (won’t even go there…what did I start?!!), over a medium-high heat in a ceramic or non-stick skillet. When hot, distribute 2/3rds of the grated potato over the bottom of the pan, then chop and add 1/2 a medium sized onion.  Season with sea salt and black pepper.DSC_0320Immediately top with the remainder of the grated potato and press down with the back of a spatula.  Allow this to cook until the underside is golden brown (you can lift the edge with the spatula and have a wee peek 😉 ).  With great confidence, give the potato cake a confident flip …don’t pussyfoot around…it’s like animals, food knows when you’re scared.  If it falls apart a bit, just stick it back together…no tears, etc.

DSC_0323looking good, no?DSC_0324crunchy on the outside…..allow the other side to crisp up to the same level then transfer to a baking tray and keep warm in a hot oven, if you’re like me and you like to cut-down on the washing-up (I’m going to use the same pan for the eggs, which only take a couple of minutes).

I used about 65 grams of the Chorizo (one of the sausages, two come in a pack).  I sliced it and put it directly into the pan over a medium-low heat.  Meanwhile, whisk about 4 eggs and chop the meadow cheese (about 50 grams….I say ‘about’ because I’d say I start with 60-75 grams, but by the time it makes it into the pan on top of the eggs , there’s usually only about 50 grams left!….we must have a foodgeist, I don’t know, but the cheese definitely lessens.)DSC_0332Turn the heat down to low (the pan will retain the higher heat for a few minutes,enough to seal the eggs, but not overcook them… burnt eggs aren’t nice). , add your whisked eggs, then the cubes of cheese and wait until that is set around the edges of the pan before folding the eggs ontop of themselves GENTLY! (Eggs also aren’t nice abused and battered).  DSC_0335Small warning that the eggs will take on the colour of the oils that ooze out of the chorizo, so not the prettiest picture, but the TASTE?….not a problem.

Almost forgot my own product, before I started the eggs I emptied half a container of the Fajita sauce into a small saucepan and heated that through.  I don’t own a microwave, but if you do, you can heat the sauce in the container provided, but with just the two of us we only needed half anyway.

I garnished the eggs with some freshly chopped coriander and served with wedges of the potatoes (you can use a pizza slicer to cut the potato cake for handiness) and the fajita sauce.  DSC_0340

Suffice to say, after editing the photos, transferring them and writing this blog….I’m still full.  Happy Days :-).  Gluten-Free Bliss. This meal would make a perfect supper too!DSC_0338Oh yeah, my picture has just reminded me that a slice of lime is lovely with this.  Squeeze over the eggs and the sauce.  (The sauce already has lime in it, but it just lifts it all very nicely indeed.)



2 thoughts on “Heuvos (Erica’s) con Gubbeen Chorizo, Knockdrinna Meadow Cheese,Patatas and Fajita Salsa- The Perfect Brunch or Supper

  1. Lily Ramirez-Foran

    I love huevos con chorizo!! They remind me of home breakfasts at my mam’s! I’m going to have a go at the patatas. When I make them they are never right, so will try your method here. Hey, thank you for the mention of the shop! Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Danette Post author

    Report back Lily, and let us know if they worked for you. Make sure you use a non-stick or ceramic frying pan….half the battle!!


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