Welcome to Danette’s Feast/ Danette’s Magic

Thank you for visiting this website. And thank you brother Dennis for getting me this website for my birthday!  (superb present)

I am currently working on the format of the site …so bear with me because I’m also busy chopping, stirring and packing in the kitchen, where I’m creating some really tasty sauces, so tasty we had to call them ‘magic’…’Danette’s Magic’ to be precise.

If you’re living in the South-East of Ireland you can avail of some of that early magic as the sauces have just started to don the shelves of Dick Dooley’s butcher shop in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.  So far, the sauces available are:  Tomato and Fresh Basil (a really good all-round Italian tomato sauce); Carbonara (which is really an Alfredo, because it’s full of cream, white wine, smoked rashers, mushrooms, leeks, free range eggs and cheese); Pesto (the real kind!! ), Salsa (not too hot on the chilli side, but full of flavour including fresh coriander, garlic, tomatoes and scallions), Ranch Dressing (highly addictive blend of herbs in a buttermilk, sour cream and mayonnaise based dressing that’s just as good on the end of a spoon as it is on the end of a crisp, or drizzled over a salad).   There are more sauces to come, and more destinations for them, about all of which  I will keep you posted.  I will be providing lots of recipe ideas to accompany my sauces as well as just lots of recipes!!!

Back to peeling garlic and onions!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Danette’s Feast/ Danette’s Magic

  1. Sarah Rice

    This dish looks & sounds fab Danette. Nice to be able to get the sauces from you rather than having to put in extra work. The photos are very enticing!! Looking forward to reading (& trying) more.

    1. Danette Post author

      Hey Becky! Thanks for the endorsement! I don’t think Meatball heros are quite the French approach to cuisine! Busy getting some more recipes/photos together..can see where my ‘free’ time is going to go now! xo

  2. Mom

    The site is beautiful!! The pictures are fantastic! I am proud of you. I know you have worked very hard setting this up. Love you, Mom

  3. Shandel Gamer

    Congratulations on a fabulous website. I have limited cooking skills, but can honestly say that reading your descriptions for the meatball heroes and the pork with coconut rice and vegetables made me want to try.

    I can’t guarantee I can get up the nerve to cook something, but I will visit often to see what you’re cooking.
    Be well, Shandel & Jill


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