Danette’s Magic Sauces:  I have a wide range of sauces available, but not as many hours in a week to cook them!!  So, my solution is to have the following three staple sauces- (Moroccan Gold, Cashew Nut Pesto and Tapenade), available on a weekly basis from the following stockists: Shortis Wong, John St., Kilkenny; Dick Dooley Family Butcher, Castlecomer;  Glasrai & Goodies, Gowran; Little Green Grocer, Parliament Street, Kilkenny; Grogan & Brown Artisan Butchers, Loughboy; The Good Earth Health Stores Newpark Shopping Centre and Kieran St., Kilkenny; Knockdrinna Farm Shop, Stoneyford, Blas Food Store, Thomastown and O’Brien’s Butcher, Loughboy Shopping Centre.  As well as having a cooking sauce that changes on a weekly basis.  Those four sauces are: Tomato & Fresh Basil Sauce, Curry Sauce, Fajita Sauce and Carbonara ( Carbonara available only through autumn/winter months).    When the barbeque season sets in (we’ve already started and it’s only April), whatever takes my fancy could end up on the shelves!! (I’m very partial to marinades and regularly create some real gems!!).

While all of the above shops stock my sauces, they may not stock ALL the sauces.  If they don’t have what you want…pester them!!  I will be offering regular advice on how to use my sauces, as well as literally showing you with my blog on the opening page of this website, so do keep an eye out ;-).  If you have any questions, just post a comment and I will respond.  Happy Cooking!!

Moroccan Gold Hummus:  I start making this hummus with the usual ingredients of Magic, Chickpeas, Tahini, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Oils and season it with sea salt and black pepper.  I then add more Magic, a complex array of spices, my own red onion marmalade, honey and top it off with middle-eastern fried onions.  It’s addictive (as the name would imply), in a totally good way 😉re-sized Moroccan Gold

Most people eat this straight out of the tub with crackers, breadsticks, middle-eastern flatbreads or celery sticks.  The most common complaint I get with Moroccan Gold is that one can’t stop eating it.  My advice, of course, is please don’t!!  It is also great in a wrap with smoke mozarella or feta cheese  , finely chopped red onion and chopped tomatoes.  It goes particularly well with roast lamb which has been studded with lots of garlic slivers, rubbed in cumin and sea salt and cooked to rare perfection….some finely chopped mint and a some yoghurt wouldn’t go amiss with that either. I’m often asked if I get tired of Moroccan Gold, but to be honest, I rarely have any extra in my fridge.


Cashew Nut Pesto:  I make pesto using Magic, Fresh basil leaves, Cashew nuts, Gran Pandano Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive oil, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. This pesto not only has a lovely flavour, but a gorgeous texture too.  re-sized Cashew Pesto Pesto is one of those amazing things…when it’s amazing… , and I think mine is amazing! Good stirred into cooked pasta, with maybe a few drops of balsamic vinegar, chopped fresh tomatoes and more grated parmesan on top for a quick, wholesome meal.  Also, can be used as an alternative to butter.  Use on foccacias, wraps, to top off your favourite lasagne, pasta sauce or tossed onto freshly steamed baby new potatoes.


Tapenade: Danette’s Magic Tapenade is a tapenade with a difference.  It is a satisfying blend of green and black olives, sundried tomatoes (quite a lot), fresh basil, balsamic vinegar , garlic and , of course, Magic.  re-sized TapenadeI never tire of tapenade.  It’s absolutely divine on olive bread (foccacia), on the end of a breadstick, to accompany grilled, poached or barbequed white fish.  Spread a spoon of tapenade over a grilled lamb chop, and let it rest with the meat for a few minutes before eating.  Gorgeous on a steak too, or to finish your favourite pizza.  Actually, it’s good just off the end of a spoon!!





6 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Mrs Large

    Saw you had a heading, Magic, so I clicked on it, and POOF! nothing except this invite to comment…and I realised I do magic everyday in my kitchen, as do you, and do we have to give all our magic away???

    1. Danette

      Yes, Mrs. Large (a.k.a. Mrs. Lange), it is noted in the minutes that I need to develop my website more! Don’t forget to take that wine I brought you out of the freezer!! The pumpkin soup and the quinoa w asparagus was magic…thank-you xoxo

      1. Mrs Large

        Actually, about the wine…
        I did forget it, and that evening I thought of it again, by which time it had ouzed a little wine into the freezer through the screw cap as it expanded (thank God it was a screw cap) and as I carefully lifted out the slightly, uhm, solid wine, I had to let out a little squal of delight as I realised my freezer drawer had just grown a little riesling stalagmite!!!! HA!
        I then brought the wine to a more acceptalbe temperature, and drank it happily with Bob! Light and lemony it was- it would actually have gone well with the spicey hokkaido pumpkin soup I made for you!
        I promise, I will make the Spanish Almond cake with Olive Oil from the Casa Moro cook book for you- it’s delish!
        Fluff up those pillows in the spare room- I will invade soon!

  2. Mrs Large

    Hope your first Market day went really well. We tried the Tomato and Basil, with more than a “hint” of white vine, and it was really satisfying! yum! The hint was a reall good one!


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